High-Speed Environment Long-Distance Sensing

TuSimple’s autonomous driving platform uses an array of cameras to scan the surrounding environment. With trucks, the sensors must be even more powerful due to the longer stopping times required. Our platform’s camera and millimeter-wave radar array allows for sensing distances of up to 200 meters from the vehicle, compared to the standard 80 meters using LiDAR arrays. This allows our system to safely observe its surroundings when driving heavy freight trucks.

  • 8


  • 3

    Millimeter-Wave Radar Units

  • 200

    Meters of Sensing

Full-Stack Autonomous Driving Technologies

TuSimple’s original deep learning detection algorithms enable the cameras to perceive the surroundings just like the human eye. It can detect and track objects within your field of vision in real time, and make pixel-level interpretations of the visible scene. With original high-precision visual positioning and multi-sensor integration technology, a truck can achieve a decimeter-level of positioning accuracy – even in a tunnel. TuSimple’s self-developed artificial intelligence decision-making system can even guide vehicles along a safe and fuel-efficient route based on terrain and real road conditions.