Increase safety, decrease transportation costs, and reduce carbon emissions

Industry’s First 1,000-Meter Perception System

Heavy duty trucks require a minimum of 1000 meters of perception to operate safely on the highways. Our system sees further to make the safest and most efficient driving decisions.

Commercial Transportation Service In Action

TuSimple’s L4 fleet is providing load capacity for our shipper partners on a daily basis, realizing the dock to dock autonomous future.

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04/2018    FORBES

Forbes Q&A on why TuSimple autonomous trucks will help the trucking industry

A semi tractor wrapped in TuSimple's graphics was parked next to the entrance to NVIDIA's 2018 GTC event in San Jose recently. I hopped into the cab with Tusimple's vice president of product, Chuck Price, for a Q&A about why making an autonomous tuck is harder than a self-driving car, why cameras are better than LIDAR and why trucks that drive themselves will help both shippers and customers.

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04/2017    TechCrunch

NVIDIA invests in self-driving truck company TuSimple

Nvidia has invested in TuSimple, the graphics card maker revealed today. It’s investing in a $20 million round led by Sina, the Chinese check giant behind Weibo, and it’s also providing TuSimple with Nvidia tech to power its self-driving platform, including NVIDIA GPUs, its Drive PX 2 autonomous computer, Jetson TX2 and more.

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12/2017    THE DRIVE

How TuSimple is becoming a leader in self-driving technology

With autonomous driving technology advancing more and more every day, a lot of car and tech companies are focusing on how this technology can be applied to cars to reduce traffic and make our roads safer. As the idea of self-driving cars gains popularity, so does the idea of self-driving commercial trucks.

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