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Issues Facing the Trucking Industry

Commercial Driver Supply Commercial Driver Demand Time Shortage of Drivers

Driver Shortages

Fewer young people are entering the trucking industry, creating a shortage of young, qualified truck drivers.

Freight Vehicle Accidents Passenger vehi-cle Accidents

Increased Accidents

Over ninety percent of driving accidents are caused by human error. This includes fatigue, route uncertainty, and improper driving practices.

Fuel Waste Economic Losses

Environmental Concerns

Inefficient truck driving leads to an average of nearly 12.8 gallons of fuel wasted per 1,000 miles.

Redefining The Logistics Industry

Trucks, equipped with self-​developed computer vision algorithms, millimeter radars and 3D HD mapping technology, can drive itself autonomously. By using these technologies, TuSim­ple can help logistics companies, increase safety, cut costs and reduce carbon emissions.

Raising Safety

Improves driver working condition. Eliminating driver fatigue and reckless driving altogether. Thus decreasing highway truck related accidents by up to 75%.

Reducing Carbon Footprint

TuSimple can reduce Class 8 Trucking Carbon emissions by our autonomous driving platform. Our vehicles can drive slower and burn less fuel, and get to their destination sooner due to continuous driving.