Autonomous Driving Technology Designed for Trucks


TuSimple Domain Controller

The TuSimple Domain Controller is a proprietary, high-performance central compute unit that will enable TuSimple to deliver a full suite of SAE Level 2+ through Level 4 autonomous driving solutions.

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Digital Maps for Autonomous Trucking

Every autonomous truck utilizes our proprietary three-dimensional high-definition digital maps. These maps serve as a digital pathway for the L4 self-driving trucks to follow and support nearly all aspects of TuSimple’s autonomous trucking system by statistically encoding predictive knowledge of the road environment that has been accumulated over time to ensure optimal safety and efficiency.

Transformational TuSimple Partnerships

As the leading autonomous trucking company, TuSimple prides itself on delivering the best technologies and services to its customers and only works with world-class suppliers, manufacturers and service providers to ensure TuSimple’s customer experience remains unsurpassed.

Autonomous Trucking Benefits

Lane Centering

Lane Centering

One of the ways to demonstrate the benefits of autonomous trucking is to break down the tasks of driving to its basic fundamentals. One of the core responsibilities of any driver is to keep the vehicle centered within the driving lane. In this graphic, we compare the effectiveness of our autonomous trucking system to that of a human driver.

As you can see, TuSimple’s autonomous system does a far better job keeping the vehicle centered within the lane by keeping the vehicle centered to within 5 cm.

Throttle Control

Throttle Control

In this next example, we look at the basic task of accelerating and braking. The graph compares TuSimple’s autonomous driving system’s accelerating and braking performance against that of a human driver.

The acceleration curve indicates the autonomous system is significantly more effective while accelerating and braking and this positively impacts brake wear and fuel efficiency.

Fuel Efficiency

Fuel Efficiency

The University of California San Diego conducted a comprehensive study comparing heavy duty trucks equipped with TuSimple’s autonomous system to the same model of truck operated manually by a human driver and found that truck’s operating autonomously were 10% more fuel efficient than trucks driven by a human driver.