TuSimple’s Commitment to Innovation and Practical Problem-Solving: A Look at our Patent Portfolio

By TuSimple's editorial team
Aug 23


TuSimple is committed to creating innovative autonomous driving technologies that provide practical solutions to the complex challenges required to bring autonomous semi trucks to market.

Our patent portfolio showcases our leadership in the industry and represents our comprehensive approach to developing unique and adaptable solutions to those challenges faced by the transportation industry. We have been working on developing practical technologies and intellectual property to improve and to bring autonomous trucking to market, which is demonstrated by our growing collection of patent assets.

“TuSimple’s patent portfolio reflects our best-in-class technology development and strong progress in bringing autonomy to the market.” – Paul Liu, Global Head of Intellectual Property

In the first half of 2023, we received 72 newly awarded patents, which brought our total number of awarded patents to 591 globally.  Our commitment to innovation and problem-solving is reflected in the breadth of our patent portfolio, which includes solutions for advanced fueling options, 360-degree perception, on-board sensor cleaning systems, and more. Our patent portfolio demonstrates our commitment to delivering safe, reliable, and efficient operations of our autonomous semi trucks on the Autonomous Freight Network. With ongoing efforts to identify, analyze, and solve industry challenges, we will continue to lead the way in the development of practical and effective solutions for autonomous trucking.

Unleashing Innovation: A Breakdown of TuSimple’s Patent Portfolio

As of July 2023

In this blog post, we will highlight three specific patents that showcase our expertise in solving challenges faced by the industry: the System and Method for Autonomous Vehicle Control to Minimize Energy Cost, Detecting a Road Closure by a Lead Autonomous Vehicle and Updating Routing Plans for Following AVs, and the Mobile Launchpad for Autonomous Vehicles. These patents offer practical solutions to some of the most pressing issues in the industry and demonstrate our commitment to delivering safe, reliable, and efficient operations on our Autonomous Freight Network.

System And Method For Autonomous Vehicle Control To Minimize Energy Cost

Patent 10678234 focuses on reducing the energy consumption of our autonomous trucks through, for example, the use of various sensors and mapping processes. The system can collect data on the vehicle’s internal and external components and use this information, along with an energy consumption model, to generate an output that improves a truck’s driving behaviors to reduce energy usage. This output can take into account the type of fuel being used, such as gasoline, diesel, natural gas, or electricity, and can reduce energy usage while maintaining efficient and safe vehicle operation.

Detecting A Road Closure By A Lead Autonomous Vehicle (AV) And Updating Routing Plans For Following AVs

TuSimple patent 11458993 helps trucks operating on the Autonomous Freight Network navigate unexpected situations on the road through a feedback loop from one truck to another to increase safety. If a truck perceives a road closure or obstruction on the road, it can upload that data to TuSimple’s data center. In near real-time, it can then be processed and sent back to the fleet of trucks operating in the same area. That new data – alerting the other trucks of the road closure or obstruction – can be fused with each other truck’s own perception data so that all trucks are aware of the situation and can navigate safely and efficiently.

Mobile Launchpad For Autonomous Vehicles

Safe, efficient, and reliable launching, landing, and re-launching of our autonomous semi trucks at terminals or distribution centers is a key component of our Autonomous Freight Network. Patent 11380109 describes TuSimple’s plans to address this. It describes a launchpad system, a landing pad system, and a mobile re-launching system. These systems may reduce the intervention required by a driver during the launching and landing processes, improving the time and cost required to launch each truck. The systems include various sensors and automated controls to achieve greater safety of the AV during these processes, allowing for more efficient and reliable operations.

A Better Path Forward

TuSimple’s patent portfolio demonstrates our leadership and commitment to developing practical and effective solutions for the autonomous trucking industry. Our latest patents, along with the ones we have highlighted in this blog post, showcase our expertise in solving complex problems related to energy consumption, unexpected situations on the road, and efficient launching and landing of our trucks along the Autonomous Freight Network and more. We will continue to identify and solve challenges, pushing forward with our mission to make freight transportation safer, more efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly.

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