TuSimple’s Response to the Wall Street Journal’s Article Published February 1, 2023

By TuSimple's editorial team
Feb 01


We take our responsibility to our stakeholders and the obligations under our national security agreement with CFIUS seriously. We are disappointed to see another round of stories in the media based on rumors from anonymous sources. We continue to be in regular communication with CFIUS, and the allegations made by the anonymous sources are not consistent with our discussions with them. We remain committed to continuing to work collaboratively with CFIUS to meet our obligations under our national security agreement.

We are also proud to have taken several recent steps to help improve our corporate governance structure. This includes the recent appointment of three independent members to our board, all of whom serve on TuSimple’s Audit Committee and Government Security Committee and have cleared background checks and vetting by CFIUS.

As we have previously disclosed, while the investigation is ongoing, the information shared with Hydron that we have seen is the same type of information shared with other potential truck manufacturing partners so those vehicles can be custom built to be compatible with our technology. That information would not allow an outside entity to replicate what’s at the heart of TuSimple – our autonomous software technology.

We’re committed to remaining focused on our core mission of delivering reliable, low-cost autonomous freight technology while setting a new standard for safety and fuel efficiency.

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